Personnel placement

Temporary staffing can fill vacancies caused by short-term staff shortages in your company, such as sickness, vacation or major contracts. This allows you to react more flexibly and efficiently to unforeseen situations.
myWork AG will provide you with carefully selected personnel at short notice. Only the hours actually worked will be charged. We take care of all social security contributions and charges.

If you are impressed by our employees, you can also hire them permanently. We serve short-term requirements and provide immediate help in the event of bottlenecks. Our personnel services support your success. Our extensive experience and professional training mean we can provide your company with the right support as and when required.

Benefits of personnel placement

  • Qualified auxiliary staff and specialists
  • Time and cost savings
  • Existing positions filled
  • No risk and no administration costs
  • Cost-efficient conditions
  • Short notice periods
  • Reliable, flexible and fair