We take the burden off your company’s shoulders and take on the responsibility of selecting and recruiting suitable applicants whom we carefully pre-select.
myWork AG helps you create the job profile, place the advertisement and review submitted applications. During this time, you can discreetly work in the background until you have decided on the right candidate for your company.
Our personnel services support your success. Our extensive experience and professional training mean we can provide your company with the right support as and when required.

Benefits of recruitment

– Relieving the burden on your company
- Selection of suitable applicants
- Time and cost savings
- Reduction of additional staff costs
- Great competitive presence


If a contract is concluded between you or your company and one of our applicants/candidates, we are entitled to the corresponding fee, which is calculated on the basis of the agreed gross annual salary of the candidate, using the following table. This applies regardless of how you found out about our candidate. The fee is payable immediately upon conclusion of the relevant contract for work and will be charged to you as follows:
For full-time employment (100%)
Gross annual salary Fee in % of the gross annual salary

Brutto-Jahressalär Honorar in % des Brutto-Jahressalärs
from CHF   60’000.– 11% (excl. Tax)
from  CHF   60’001.– to 70’000.– 13% (excl. Tax)
from  CHF   70’001.– to   90’000.– 16% (excl. Tax)
from  CHF   90’001.– to 110’000.– 19% (excl. Tax)
from  CHF 110’001.– to 120’000.– 20% (excl. Tax)
from  CHF 120’001.– to 140’000.– 23% (excl. Tax)
from  CHF 140’001.– 25% (excl. Tax)

For full-time employment of field staff on a commission basis
A minimum commission of CHF 5,500 will be charged for permanent employment of field staff on a commission basis.

Part-time employment

The percentage of part-time income is converted to one-year salary for full-time employment; the fee is then calculated as per Section 4.1 above. If the part-time employment constitutes less than 75% of full employment, two-thirds (2/3) of the fee will be charged based on the theoretical gross full-time annual salary. If the client enters into a permanent employment relationship with a candidate nominated by myWork AG within one year of the last written presentation, fee is payable in accordance with this Section 4. The client owes myWork AG the fee if, with a view to concluding an employment contract, the client directly or indirectly passes on the candidate’s data to a third party or if the client directly or indirectly asks the candidate to contact a third party.


If an employment contract with an employee provided by myWork AG is terminated within the first three months of work, the following percentages of the fee will be refunded:
Upon termination of employment within the 1st month: 50%
Upon termination of employment within the 2nd month: 30%
Upon termination of employment within the 3rd month: 20%